To Hell and Back by Audie MURPHY

I read this when I was 13 or 14, being at that time hooked on WW2 P.O.W. escape novels, and finding this one on the library shelf – a Real Soldier’s account, not fiction – was a self-hugging moment. The local librarian even, who knew my choices of the past, spotted I had something terrific. She was a bit dubious, at first, as this was shelved in the Adult section, whereas up to that date I’d only looked through the Young Adult section. But the sweetie let me have it.

And how terrific it was. Murphy’s accounts of the real blood, guts and thunder of the battlefield satisfied my seeking for understanding of the soldier experience (I’d picked up that the novels I’d read had softened a few blows, so to speak, here and there).

Throughout the autobiography, Murphy describes horrific scenes of battle and poignant loss. During service . Co-written with  David “Spec” McClure, he narrated the events without glorifying his own part in the play of war, nor mentioning  his many awards, (he became the most decorated US soldier)

Clicking the picture of his tombstone allows you to view its engraving more easily.

Going to Wikipedia article will allow you to learn much more about the man himself.

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