"The Love Between a Mother and Daughter Is Forever"

“The Love Between a
Mother and Daughter Is Forever”

A Blue Mountain Arts Collection
About the Special Bond
Mothers and Daughters Share

This book is a slim paperback published  and (c) in 2003, by the Blue Mountain Press, Boulder, Colorado.
Given to me a few years ago by my daughter when I was seriously ill – too ill to concentrate enough to actually read it – it has been rediscoverred while unpacking household removal cartons.
Of course I’ve now sat and read it through.
She had marked (with drawn flowers) titles in the Contents list of some poems she wanted me to read.
And she had also  marked up selected stanzas, lines or phrases from some poems, which are particualraly relevant to our relationship.
Normally I’d pass such a book by as being ‘corny’, but my daughter’s added touches have made me read it through her eyes.
A terrific book for that special relationship.

Trade-paper edition ISBN 0-888396-764-2
Hardcover edition ISBN 0-88396-686-7

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