Love’s Bright Star – Virginnia de PARTÉ


Copyright © 2012 Virginnia de Parté

An erotic fantasy, under Secret Cravings Publishing

E-book ISBN: 978-1-61885-365-3

There’s an element of futuristic science fiction within the text, (set in 2079) which establishes  the drama and action – some characters are the offspring of trialled melding of human and animal genes, and have the animal characteristics to some degree or other, under some degree of control or other. They are referred to as “g-altered”. In this world, g-altered people are regarded as freaks, yet by some creeps as desirable as a sexual conquest. Defence Department authorities are interested of course in locating them all and “studying” them for possible military or espionage use.

The heroine (Siobhan) is a photographer by career, and of cat/human descent, complete with a cat’s natural defences – fangs and claws – and features like the third eyelid. As all g-alters must, she strives to keep control of her altered traits.
She is rescued from showing her cat defences by another g-alter person – James – a man whose genetic modification allows him to stop time for his own purposes. In his ordinary career he lectures in physics and fourth dimensional mathematics. Relax; as a reader you won’t be expected to attend a lecture – just to suspend disbelief.

As the novel passes beyond the point of their meeting, some of the Siobhan’s more amusing characteristics of a cat g-altered woman are revealed – delightfully freaky and you can read for yourself!

The author has a way of showing the increasing emotional arousal of Siobhan as she gets to know James more, without being too obvious – and nicely done too.  But Siobhan develops a yearning of her own – one which, she knows, would make James unhappy – angry even. She keeps the idea to itself, even after she has caused it to happen.

On realising what she has done, James departs in fury, leaving Siobhan and her friend Anna to create a cover story to keep Siobhan’s secret. She has tricked James into creating a next generation – and increased their danger from the Defence Department.

During what should have been a routine pregnancy scan, the foetus momentarily disappears. This event causes further complications for Siobhan with agents from the Defence Department.
James in the meantime makes plans for a safe future for Siobhan, Stella their daughter and himself .

Through frights, surprises, unpleasant encounters, the story closes in on a beautifully satisfying dénouement. Not usually a fan of the genre, I expect  Virginnia de Parté to produce more of this quality.

Footnote – Yes! A second novel by de Parté is due for publication.

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