A Talent for Loving, by Virginnia De PARTÉ

Virginnia de PARTÉ’s

A Talent for Loving  –

the third in her futuristic romantic series about g-altered people, set in Australia, is a most loving tale.

William and Belinda had reached the age of seven, managing to hide their talent from the Defence Department in order to ensure they would be released to an adopting family. Years later as adults, William seeks Belinda out, with a proposal to use his I.T. skills and position to ensure she would drop from sight within the database of the “orphans” who were checked for signs of having changed and developed a g-altered trait.

Their talents are completely different, but complement each other’s, as we watch the events which embroil their involvement in one way or another. Belinda is unsure of William – he seems to her to be secretive; he has to be, as she comes to realise. William is watchful over Belinda, knowing how little she knows of her own talents, and realising she is not always comfortable sharing his talent for “jumping” from on location to another.

Throughout the story, the tone is warm and loving, the romance is gentle and tenderly described. When the loving results in the creation of their baby, they realise the baby is the result of their talent for loving.

A beautiful read of circa ninety pages, and a wonderful addition to the series.

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