A Stellar Affair – by Virginnia de Parté

A Stellar Affair

the fourth in the series of  futuristic romances
by Virginnia de Part

Stellar (Siobhan and James Corban’s daughter with the g-altered ability to ‘jump’ to other locations) comes across Matt Saunders in the desert – his truck stuck deeply in the sand alongside the road. The four Corban’s (Stellar, James and her two twin brothers) conspire to use their varying g-alter talents to get the vehicle back on the road, and away from the scene so Matt cannot review the place in which the truck was stuck and discover his rescue would normally have been impossible.
Stellar’s two younger brothers have suspicions about Matt, but somehow they can’t stop Stellar from feeling an attraction to him – especially as she senses he is equally attracted to her. Eventually Matt tracks Stellar down again and their first date leaves them both with stronger feelings than before, in spite of the Minister of Defence appearing as one with whom Matt often has to work. Knowing the danger to herself and the family, Stellar tries to distance herself from Matt.
Her grandfather, realizing she is torn between the need for the safety of all g-alters and her desire to see Matt again, drafts her into G.A.S.A.R (Genetically Altered Search And Rescue) as her talents will complement those of the rest of the team. Stellar assists in the rescue of a little girl lost in the bush, and feels akin with other team members.
After a formal function at which both sides of an environmental issue are presented, the Minister of Defence speaks of the government taking back land for Defence purposes. As Matt and Stella leave Matt is confronted by belligerent protestors, three of whom chase him with intention of beating him. Stella is so fearful for their safety she ‘jumps’ with Matt to her apartment. She realises she has risked her family’s safety.
Later, however, Matt brings good news to her – he has realised she is of g-altered descent, and from the Minister of Defence has learned the family’s next generation will not be monitored, providing they continue to not let their talents be discovered.
Stellar’s brothers are taken captive by people wanting their gems. Stellar has to leave Matt and jump home, and drive over the boys’ area using her senses to find the boys. Later when the boys manage to retrieve their gems, Matt is amazed to discover they have found diamonds in an area previously never known for them. Further still, one of the twins discovers an amazingly rare mineral deposit, making Matt’s prospecting area safe from Defence Department grasps.
Matt finally faces Stellar’s family, reassuring them he will keep their secret, and reunites with Stellar in the best possible way.
Another excellent read from this new and interesting romance author. 

EBook ISBN: 978-1-61885-842-9

Amazon buy link: http://amzn.to/18IGsmT                     

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