Puzzle—how can your mother walk off on an errand and never be seen or heard of again? 
How can you, as a young teenager in your final secondary school year, focus on the expectations to get back into the usual cycle of school and friends? How do you cope with the turmoil in the neighbourhood, with police popping in and out regularly,  and your mother’s Missing Person poster plastered everywhere?
By taking each day one at a time, facing stress, argument, feelings  of futility. By accepting help from unexpected quarters, of unexpected kind, welcome or not.  
Add to the mix of the mash-up – your father, Phil,  shows himself as being totally at odds of what you thought your father was. Not just a car dealer, but also someone who would have ruined the marriage and family even without your mother, Tiffany, going missing.
It takes time, good friends, a wise school counsellor, principal and coach, and desparate attempts to follow up on clues that aren’t clues… 
Could you successsfully cope? Would you come out of it as a changed person? 
Adam shows us how he coped, struggled, and came through, in this gripping tale of any child’s nightmare. In the more-than capable hands of Lee Murray, we see Adam’s turmoil both from the outside and from his inner self. I especiallly enjoyed Murray’s natural way of bring the modern adolescents’ comfortable use of Instant Messaging into the novel as another channel for communication between Adam and his friends.

A damned good read for any teen, boy or girl – with my whole-hearted recommendation.
ISBN (print) 978-0-473-26600-4
ISBN (epub) 978-0-473-26601-1
ISBN (mobi) 978-0-473-26608-0
Published by Leapy Sheep Books of Tauranga
©Lee Murray, 2013
Reviewer’s note: Buy links will be added later.

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