The Killing Lessons — Saul BLACK

Killing Lessons cover
NZ edition cover

The Killing Lessons, author Saul BLACK


ISBN Hardback: 9 781 4091 5294 1
ISBN Paperback: 9 781 4091 5295 8
ISBN Ebook: 9 781 4091 5297 2

Why did it take three years over eleven states before seven murders were connected as the work of one killer? A creepy and sick behaviour pattern is the link, and San Francisco homicide detective Valerie Hart is driven to an to pursue the cold cases –and the new murders.

Special agent Carla York is brought in to replace a colleague on sick leave–but why then blight Detective Hart’s reputation with hate mail, reporting her blackouts, her alcoholism, and an attempt to frame her as a drug user?

The serial killer is no longer working alone, and killings continue, with the intervals between killings reducing over time. So far, so usual…

Except Black gives us a direct point of view into the delusional, crazed alpha killer and his simpleton beta partner. The killer has a reason for his killing trail, not yet complete, risen from his macabre past. It drives him closer to insanity as he continues–and we are with him all the way.

We are also with his latest victims, as they suffer the most chilling sadistic treatment, and a humiliating death.

The final outcome is not an easy read–it’s damned scary, and although I love being scared as I review good crime writing as I have for this review blog, this story is the only one yet encountered which has had me so wound up in the terror that the closure for one character and another brought tears of relief. Now that’s good crime writing.

Nota Bene– Saul BLACK is, in re, Glen DUNCAN–writer of
The Last Werewolf  (pub. Canongate), &  I, Lucifer  (pub. Scribner)

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NZ Release Date:
12 May 2015
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