Athene’s Prophecy, by Ian J MILLER

The first section of Athene’s Prophecy MILLER_E.J-Athene's Prophecy
will appeal greatly to those interested
in the discussion of philosophies
of the ancient Greeks, or in the military
strategies of the ancient Roman armies.

Athene’s Prophecy, delivered to young Gaius, sets the plot for all three books of the trilogy. Gaius is sent for training and education to prepare him for a military position. Eventually he sees the mechanical toy Athene had foreseen, and determines to find a practical development for it. He is challenged to think and analyse, and military gaming develops his preparedness for the expected position–which he finally gains.

The pace really picks up, and Gaius proves he is more than capable of a leading military role, while coming up against more of Athene’s predictions. I found I was fully engaged in the tale, and wish I’d been able to instantly pick up at book 2 as books two and three will be veering off into science fiction and the futuristic worlds–with aliens taking Gaius with them. A more intriguing mix of historic and science fiction I cannot imagine.

This is Book 1 of the trilogy Gaius Claudius Scaevola

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