Reviewing ‘How To Grow an Addict’ by J A WRIGHT

How to Grow an Addict

From the very first paragraph I found myself feeling an unease for the child, Randall, beginning the tale of her growth. Her casual chatter at the age of seven is real, and reveals how her choices are, for her, natural. Only we can see the causal link between her parents and her actions, her future. It is easy to feel disgust towards her parents and elder brother as they wear away her childhood.

Flashes of innocent and charming family life offer occasional lighter, more pleasant moments–but always there comes the whirl of fear, pain, loneliness and anger, all of which drive her further down her path to a life out of control.

It is an uncomfortable journey we travel with her as she grows older and more addicted. The beginnings of her reluctant recovery offer some hope for her future, yet we know it will be a long path. Only the naive could believe otherwise.

Not a scholarly treatise in drug addiction management, but the truth of where addiction begins, the damage it does, and the need to recognise when it is time to accept and action recovery. Ms Wright’s honesty and simplicity makes this a work of art. The book is one I would see in every secondary school’s library, as it could give some young teen the unease enough to get the strength to say no or to get help, as the ending is hopeful.

Ms Wright approached me directly to review this, and I want to say “Thank you for the chance to help get How To Grow an Addict into more hands.” Best start to the 2016 year of reviews Ever.

Note: How To Grow an Addict was a 2015 USA Best Book Awards Finalist for Literary Fiction

Publisher: SheWritesPress_Longof Berkeley, US; 2015

ISBN: 978-1-63152-991-7

Buy :   Amazon publishing_logog

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“Red Penn”

2 thoughts on “Reviewing ‘How To Grow an Addict’ by J A WRIGHT

  1. Sounds like this book definitely needs to be in all schools. It might well be the tool to spare others a lot of heartache and pain… Siobhán Foster (author)

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