The Method, by Shannon Kirk

FBI Special Agent Roger Liu is allocated the case KIRK-The Method
(# 332578) of a missing pregnant teen, Dorothy Salucci. His partner and he follow leads and interview the parents and the young father. Liu has a personal need to focus on child abduction cases, his unusual partner understands, and as their sometimes unorthodox methods get results they’re left to get on with it.

But for most of the thriller, we are in the head of the victim. Far from hapless, with her habits, abilities, and how she processes her situation, she is a fascinating character. She has a method and uses it to cope, to learn, to devise her own getaway plans and plot her later revenge.

Does she get away? That would be telling, but certainly not before Liu uncovers a surprise or two. Not before our victim discovers there is more than one perpetrator involved. And not before being forced to face a gruesome foresight of her future. Through all this, we don’t see the real picture, which is a tragic reveal.

This is a thriller that is chilling right to the end. Shannon Kirk’s novel won the 2015 National Indie Excellence Award for best suspense, and the novel is now under option for a major motion film. Previously released in the US under the title Method 15/33, this is one heck of a good read.

The Method by Shannon Kirk

sphere imprintPublisher
ISBN: 9780751564310


Published in the US as Method 15/33 by Oceanview Publishing, Florida.

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