Top Two Sources of “Hearts Of Valor” Authors’ Inspiration –


Hearts of Valor — Authors’ Top Two Sources of Inspiration:
Having had the pleasure of editing three of the stories included in this anthology. I asked every author “What are your top two sources of inspiration?” Here are their responses… 

I did pull some of my hero’s stoic traits from a real life hero.

Danny Walker (played by Josh Hartnett) in Pearl Harbor and …
the New Hampshire man who helped us in that frigid evening (see above story).

Things people say
Personal hopes and expectations for a better/different world

 Museums! You can not beat a curiosity found in the corner of a museum to fire your inspiration.
Magazines, especially those about subjects you would not normally read about. They cheap, and often surprising.

I have always been inspired by the hardships of the family members left behind while mom or dad are deployed into a combat zone. They continue to live their lives with their loved one thousands of miles of away. They deserve a medal for this service.
I am also inspired by the teaching of the prophet Amos who teaches us that the sins of murder, adultery and idolatry can be forgive, but the sine of ignoring the needs of the poor can never be brushed away. Truly wonderful advice for us to have today.

Everyday conversations I experience or hear.
People ‘watching’ and wondering what their story is.

So, there you are – an insight to each writer in this great anthology of tales of valor in the romance world.
Look for the Hearts Of Valour Blog Tour Page here (Having trouble setting it to reveal itself, ratzit!)

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