Reviewing Blood Related, by NZ author William Cook

I love crime – any media. I’ve been a fan from way W COOK_Blood Related
back  – Hitchcock’s Half-Hour and The Untouchables,
at thirteen. Most current crime shows I watch “live” – but  Silent Witness I have to record and watch in daylight.
It’s too good a show to not watch at all – no matter how creeped out I get. Most crime novels (thrillers, chillers, serial killers…) I can read at any time.
But if Blood Related had been a TV show – I would have had to watch it in daylight.

A delightfully chilling sense of unease throughout the tale of Caleb Cunningham, psycho-killer, as he turns slaughter into an art form – ‘installations’ – hidden from discovery under the city. The sewers and drains are his alleys and pavements.

Gut-wrenching reveals – his twin brother a killer too, both moulded as such by their father, another serial killer, and their mother an insane alcoholic. Bodies secreted everywhere, even in the much modified basement of the family town house. His grandfather was a killer, his handiwork scattered in the grounds of a country farm.

Only homicide Detective Ray Truman senses connections and pursues the multitude case files as he works on the puzzle of three generations of serial killers. He comes too close to ending Caleb’s continued criminal future.

So, those are the facts of who’s in the tale, but no spoilers. Some reviewers will give you more but  I’d like you to follow the horror in Cook’s pages.

You still have a lot of fine reading to do. Cook’s style is unique – part narrative, part reportive – and the details of Caleb’s insane crime spree are conveyed in a (first-person) skin-crawler style which fascinates and repulses, both. This will not be my first, or only, William Cook thriller!

Published 2015 King Billy Publications, Wellington, New Zealand

Buy at at Kindle or Paperback editions available

Read about more of William’s work at his site:

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