Interview with Carla, of Caught Between Worlds

I wanted to know more about Carla, the mother of the child ghost, Steven.
Between August 15th and 22nd, I was allowed to speak to her for a brief time.

Carla, may I ask you…how important was young Steven in your life? What did having him around mean to you?

Steven was my son, my baby. I loved him deeply.
He brought me happiness.

Did you ever want to have more than one child?

Yes. I wanted more children, but during my pregnancy I had health issues, and Jack didn’t want to take any risks.

People who talked about “seeing Steven” in ghost form angered you…did Steven ever appear to you?
Tell me why you seemed to ignore him when others saw him?

I was in Steven’s room when I had a vision. I screamed, flung toys at it, and cursed Jack.
I never saw the vision again, but I often hear Steven’s soft voice telling me to stop crying.

Why did stories about his appearances upset you?

Why would my son appear to others, to strangers?
I’m his mother – not them.
I cared for him – not them.

I miss him so much…

At that point, as her tears were welling, her time with me was cut short. I was asked to leave.

Tell me what you think Red needs to know....

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