Second Chance – Released Today!


second-chance_coverTeige Adams fell for the dazzling Alexandra “Zani” Fairmichael ‘way back in high school, but Zani was far too sophisticated to fall for a tall, geeky misfit like Teige.
Twenty years later, he is a successful photographer with a string of glamorous ex-girlfriends behind him, and Zani has become plain Allie Brown, the mother of demanding teenage twins.

When Teige discovers Allie has separated from her husband and is moving back to their hometown, he is determined to try for a second chance at the girl he never had.  But Allie, on the rebound from a difficult marriage, isn’t certain what (or who) she wants.

Plus, Teige’s slightly unhinged ex-fiancée and Allie’s soon-to-be-ex-husband have their own ideas about who Teige and Allie should be with.  And then there is Katie, who is certain Teige is “The One” for her.

Will Teige finally win Allie’s heart – or is it too late for a second chance?

Second Chance
A Contemporary Romance Novel
By Suzi Macdonald
Roane Black on White
{edited by Lynne, Red Penn Services}

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