Interviewing author Deborah Garland

Deborah Garland, author of Must Have Faith, agreed to the following interview. Welcome again, Deborah.

Red: Can you name and explain two books which inspired you to write in the romance genre?

Deborah: Thanks for having me, Lynne. I originally wrote Women’s Fiction with romantic elements. But often, there wasn’t a happy ever after between main hero and heroine. Which is the vital ingredient for ‘romance.’ When I chose to write one, I had already been reading mostly historical romances. So I had to understand the rhythm of dual-POV (point of view). As well as understanding the ‘dance’ the characters must do. One step forward, two steps back.
When struggling to put together, my first romance novel, Must Love Fashion, I kept referring back to Seven Years to Sin, by Sylvia Day. I’d read it years earlier and I would classify it as my favorite romance novel. But it really helped me ‘figure out’ what the romance reader was expecting. After that I would say, the Nora Roberts, Bridal Quartet series helped me to identify what ‘heat level’ I was most comfortable writing.

Red: How long did it take from when you began writing this manuscript to the book launch?

Deborah: I began writing Must Have Faith on March 17th, 2017. (No, I’d not been drinking, though it was St. Patrick’s Day. It was just the day I started.) I completed the first draft forty-five days later. Compared to the first book in the Darling Cove series, Must Love Fashion, which had to be re-written again and again, Must Have Faith was written straight through. While I’d made some changes, the integrity and flow of the story in the final draft mirrored my vision.

Red: Tell us about an exciting, surprising or stressful aspect of the lead-up to or after your first book launch.

Deborah: My first official book signing/launch was about two months after the release of Must Love Fashion. A friend of mine who owned a restaurant offered me his bar area for an hour and helped me advertise. He put out food and lots of people showed up. I sold thirty books in one night. That was surprising enough, but my mother flew in from Florida without telling me to be there for me on my special night.

Red: What is your latest project?

Deborah: After I completed and submitted Must Love Fashion, I picked up a paranormal romance I’d had in very early draft stages. That novel, Drawing Bloodlines is being published as well and I am anticipating an April 2019 release. I am currently working on the second book in that series, Guarding Bloodlines. (Can you hear me screaming?)

Red: and now… What question have you always wished an interviewer had asked you?

Deborah: My Dream Question? So, now that your Darling Cove books are being made into a television show on HBO, who do you want to star in the roles of Andrew, Greg and Edward?
My Fantasy Answer- To write a hero, I need a vision in my head. It needs to be tangible. It needs to be a real person. Someone whose picture I can drool over — I mean… I can look at someone. I need to have a voice in my head. Andrew came to me right away: Chris Pine. Greg, too, Bradley Cooper.
Edward was tough. I gave him dark auburn hair and tried to keep my vision true, but I couldn’t find an actor or a model that ‘inspired’ me enough. I finally settled on Josh Lucas. And the minute I did that, Edward Mendelsohn (Must Be Crazy– 10.22.18), exploded on the page for me. Now, I can’t get Edward out of my head. 😊

About the author:
Deborah Garland is a former computer and sports journalist, turned romance and women’s fiction author. She likes to write about love and the struggles of complicated relationships. Her heroines are strong, and the heroes fall hard for them. She lives on the North Shore of Long Island with her husband, and when she’s not writing she’s either in the gym, or reading-cuddled up with their two pugs, Zoe and Harley.

Deborah Garland can be found at…
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