Amazon Removing Reviews?

Here’s my take on it…

Amazon — like other large conglomerates — pay to access your Facebook data.

Or maybe they employ real people to check the author’s presence on FaceBook.

I’m betting they check on who are an Author’s Friends,
and who are an Author’s Page Followers.

A review on Amazon by an author’s Friend may be targetted and removed.
A review on Amazon by an author’s Followers (which implies they’re not necessarily a Friend of the author) may be “allowed”.

My advice?

  1. Dont make Friends out of your readers.
    Instead, ask them politely (use Messenger to PM wanting to Friend you) to
    Like and Follow your Author Page.
  2. Ensure your Author Page is titled (example only) Author Tess Ting.
  3. Your Author Page posts will appear in your Followers “Pages Feed” at Facebook,
    not on your Friends’ Newsfeed (“Home”) page. See the clipping below.

F-Book Pages NewsFeed Shortcut

If your friends and follwers were more aware of this tool for finding posts from the pages they follow, then more will use it.
The more who use it, the less promote posts from you will end up in friends’ newsfeeds.

Now, you may see this as a post on my Facebook Page, or at my Twitter feed. You may even choose to Like the post or [Heart] the tweet.
That does not mean you have popped here to read the article / opinion piece.

THIS is where I want to see “Likes”, please!

Tell me what you think Red needs to know....

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