About Red-Penn

Red Penn Reviews is the “front door” for  Red Penn Services  Ltd,
based in Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand.
As well as reviewing,
Red Penn also offers Editing, and epublishing  services.
Reviewing books of many genres, many periods, many styles…for a variety of readers, and gratis.
I review for publishers and my favourite authors and in my favoured genre (crime).
All reviews are written subjectively, to help the reader select a book worthy of buying,
not to necessarily please the author’s marketing plan.
(N.B: This means I may decline to post a review if I feel it is imperfect or will not suit my Followers. I do not post at Good Reads nor Amazon).
I post reviews here on the Red Penn Reviews blog page [LATEST REVIEWS]

Categories include Genres & Publishers;  Tags define the Authors (SURNAME_First)
My review posts automatically flash across to my FaceBook Red Penn Services Page, to Twitter ( @RedPenn_1st ), to Google+, and to LinkedIn. Each medium sets them automatically to Public, so those who don’t necessarily follow us (yet) will see your review or release event post.

Editing – I love itincludes Content editing, Copy editing, Proof-reading, and copy writing (helpful to the author who’s stuck for ideas for the book’s blurb, for example).
After editing, I also assist in marketing, by hosting either a Release Blitz or a Blog Tour (as a Page) and a Tour stop-off here (as a Post)

If you require editing services, check out the Editing page

Charming Way With Words_croppedAnd when you do write your book,
call on Red (Lynne) for editing,

and consultation about publishing and marketing

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