Coming Soon in 2017!

  • Deborah Garland’s Must Love Fashion (August 8th (but late, sorry Deborah)
  • Joyce Holmes’ Show No Weakness (10 April)
  • Bill Chastain’s Retrouvailles (5 June)
  • Sara Bernhardt’s In Gray (10 July)

Past Blog Tours include these…with many more to come.

  • Andrea Stanet’s Umbra’s Shadow
  • Ginette Paquette-Gadbois’ Caught Between Worlds
  • Roane Publishing’s anthology Love Under the Harvest Moon
  • Jana Begovic’s romance saga, Poisonous Whispers
  • Suzi McDonald’s Second Chance;
  • Roane Publishing’s anthology Masked Hearts;
  • Kastil Eavenshade’s An Outlaw In Her Bed;
  • Adam Millards’ Soul Of Dust;

When I’ve edited a novel, or stories for an anthology, I post a Cover Reveal post,
then a page for any RELEASE BLITZ.

If the publisher or Author has arranged a BLOG TOUR, I take part in that as well.
The Blog Tour page will be titled with the publication’s name,  as in…
The Blog Tour page will include all provided stop-offs in any tour itinerary (as links).

All my posts specific to the publication will appear within the general review blog posts,
Categorised as appropriate, under “Cover Reveal”, “Release Blitz” or “Blog Tour” and Tagged as author’s “SURNAME_First”.
All “Buy Now” links will be as provided by the Publisher or Author.

If you  are interested in including this site as a stop-off here,
as part of your Blog Tour itinerary,
then please contact me via my Facebook page: Red Penn Services  

On a scale (1 = not at all to 5 = Yep, gonna buy it) what will you do?

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