No wonder it’s a marked down price!

Spotted Led Zeppelin - You Shook Me at a knock-off price, and being a lover of Stairway To Heaven, grabbed it! When reading the book, I found my "editor-mind" taking over. There are So Many c**k-ups in the text it is a very poor production. * Then of course, I looked properly at the cover... … Continue reading No wonder it’s a marked down price!


BECOMING KARL –A brain-injured baby’s journey to recoveryAUTHOR: Norma ISBN: 978-0473-19565-6 (paper-bacK)Publisher: Wildcat Publications, Rotorua NZCover Illustration and Epilogue: Karl ROTHKOAvailabilty:McCloud's Book Shop, Rotorua NZ ($NZ30), ($c. NZ48)also via Within the pages of Norma’s book, I found inspiration, shared her frustrations and dreads, admired her stubborn determination to raise Karl. I delighted in … Continue reading Norma DELGARNO – BECOMING KARL