Lee CHILD … How did I not know?

As many followers know, the crime genre is my favourite. I've been reviewing crime for New Zealand's distributor for a few years now. So WHY have I only just discovered Lee Child?!? I've just finished reading his Reacher novel number 21, sent me by BooksellersNZ And visited Mr Child's site. And watched a YouTube vid … Continue reading Lee CHILD … How did I not know?

My Name Is N. by Robert KARJEL

In this mystery cum crime novel, Karjel takes us back and forth between 2004 December in Thailand and 2008 in the US. Ernst Grip serves as security for the Swedish Security Police, but occasionally is called back to his former role as an agent. This time his boss sends him for the Swedish Foreign Ministry … Continue reading My Name Is N. by Robert KARJEL

Day Four, by Sarah LOTZ

There’s a right mix of personalities among the crew and passenger list on a cruise ship such as the Beautiful Dreamer – along with the usual “beautiful people”, boozers and habitual cruisers are two women planning a double suicide, an addicted ship’s doctor, a couple in which the wife is a player, a murderer, a … Continue reading Day Four, by Sarah LOTZ

A History of Crime : The Southern Double-Cross

A HISTORY OF CRIME - The Southern Double-Cross  By Dinah HOLMAN Publisher: Ravenbourne Books Ltd, Auckland NZ © Dinah Holman, 2014 ISBN: 9978-0-473-27278-1 Oh, Ms Holman – let this be the first of such a series, puh-lease? I have not enjoyed such a story before, and I want more like it. The way you have … Continue reading A History of Crime : The Southern Double-Cross

BINARY – by Michael Crichton, writing as John Lange

This 216 page novel counts down the twelve hours to a potential metropolitan disaster, as John Graves, working with Decker of Special Projects Division and Venn of Bell Labs, frantically attempts to use his close knowledge of mad man Wright to prevent the timed release of a binary nerve gas into the air of Los … Continue reading BINARY – by Michael Crichton, writing as John Lange

Cross Fingers by Paddy RICHARDSON

Cross Fingersauthor Paddy RichardsonIf asked to produce a televisions documentary on the 1981 Springbok tour of New Zealand, how would you go about putting a new spin on it when it’s been hashed and rehashed in news media so many times? That’s a quandary faced by Rebecca Thorne, television journalist, in a gripping story of sleuthing, … Continue reading Cross Fingers by Paddy RICHARDSON