Lee CHILD … How did I not know?

As many followers know, the crime genre is my favourite. I've been reviewing crime for New Zealand's distributor for a few years now. So WHY have I only just discovered Lee Child?!? I've just finished reading his Reacher novel number 21, sent me by BooksellersNZ And visited Mr Child's site. And watched a YouTube vid … Continue reading Lee CHILD … How did I not know?

The Method, by Shannon Kirk

FBI Special Agent Roger Liu is allocated the case (# 332578) of a missing pregnant teen, Dorothy Salucci. His partner and he follow leads and interview the parents and the young father. Liu has a personal need to focus on child abduction cases, his unusual partner understands, and as their sometimes unorthodox methods get results … Continue reading The Method, by Shannon Kirk

Close Your Eyes, by Michael ROBOTHAM

Publisher: “My father said nothing, not that first day or the next day or any of the subsequent ones. Instead he sat in his armchair, mouthing words as though conducting some unfinished argument. One day I asked him if Mum was in Heaven. ‘No.” ‘Where is she?’ 'Rotting in Hell.’ ‘But Hell is for bad … Continue reading Close Your Eyes, by Michael ROBOTHAM