The Method, by Shannon Kirk

FBI Special Agent Roger Liu is allocated the case (# 332578) of a missing pregnant teen, Dorothy Salucci. His partner and he follow leads and interview the parents and the young father. Liu has a personal need to focus on child abduction cases, his unusual partner understands, and as their sometimes unorthodox methods get results … Continue reading The Method, by Shannon Kirk

Close Your Eyes, by Michael ROBOTHAM

Publisher: “My father said nothing, not that first day or the next day or any of the subsequent ones. Instead he sat in his armchair, mouthing words as though conducting some unfinished argument. One day I asked him if Mum was in Heaven. ‘No.” ‘Where is she?’ 'Rotting in Hell.’ ‘But Hell is for bad … Continue reading Close Your Eyes, by Michael ROBOTHAM

My Name Is N. by Robert KARJEL

In this mystery cum crime novel, Karjel takes us back and forth between 2004 December in Thailand and 2008 in the US. Ernst Grip serves as security for the Swedish Security Police, but occasionally is called back to his former role as an agent. This time his boss sends him for the Swedish Foreign Ministry … Continue reading My Name Is N. by Robert KARJEL

All Involved – Ryan GATTIS

Gattis presents, from the points of view of many residents of differing ethnic groups,the actions of gangs and individuals in the area which took advantage of the enraged riot in Los Angeles 1991, to battle as they fought to take revenge, or increase their territory. This new angle gives a gut-wrenching reveal of the gang mentality … Continue reading All Involved – Ryan GATTIS

Burnt Paper Sky, author Gilly MacMILLAN

“In the absolute quiet, ... I glimpsed the sky above, and I could feel darkness starting to push in as surely as fire creeps across a piece of paper, curling its edges, turning it to ash. In that moment, I knew that Ben wasn't there.” Ben is the eight-year old son of Rachel, and sole child of her … Continue reading Burnt Paper Sky, author Gilly MacMILLAN

Woman of the Dead, x Bernard AICHNER

If you, at age six, had to begin work in preparing bodies for funeral directors–your parents– what effect would that have on you? For Brum, it taught her to shut down her emotions, right up to the day she allowed her parents to drown. She took over the family business, reinvented and remarketed it, built … Continue reading Woman of the Dead, x Bernard AICHNER

The Killing Lessons — Saul BLACK

The Killing Lessons, author Saul BLACK   ISBN Hardback: 9 781 4091 5294 1 ISBN Paperback: 9 781 4091 5295 8 ISBN Ebook: 9 781 4091 5297 2 Why did it take three years over eleven states before seven murders were connected as the work of one killer? A creepy and sick behaviour pattern is … Continue reading The Killing Lessons — Saul BLACK

NYPD RED 3 (James PATTERSON, w. Marshall KARP)

Three generations of a wealthy family, with Hudson Alden I as the founder of the family’s legacy pissed off at the lack of ethics of his son ('Hunter' Hutchinson Alden II), who is equally pissed off at his son-Hutchinson Alden III, a.k.a. ‘Tripp’. What Tripp has done to annoy his father is avoid the world of … Continue reading NYPD RED 3 (James PATTERSON, w. Marshall KARP)

The Killing Season, by Mason CROSS

Carter Blake is a bit of a mystery  He specialises in locating people who don’t want to be found, and certainly has skills and thought processes to make him good at his job.    Hang on, it’s not a job – he’s not employed salary-wise – he accepts contracts, so he’s a free agent. We … Continue reading The Killing Season, by Mason CROSS