Book Review: The Locksmith, by Barbara Howe

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cv_the_locksmithWho is the Locksmith, and what role does he play in this fantasy tale? You will keep this question in mind as you read through the adventures of Lucinda Guillierre, a young girl living with her stepsister Claire and her stepmother, in the magical world of Frankland, ruled by The Office.

The Office was created in historic times by the Great Coven, which established the four offices of Air, Fire, Earth, and Water, and their leaders. Each Office has a Guild, for the study and training of Witches and Wizards of each element.

Unsettled by her lack of magical progress, she resigns herself to a future as a normal person, but agrees to take her sister Claire to challenge the path to meet the Fire Warlock, to have a wish granted. She takes with her, her only true possessions her father left her —two large books…

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‘Doubt’ titles


wp_daily-prompt-iconThis from the Daily Post prompt “Doubt”

“I doubt there are many books using ‘doubt’ in the title…”

Hoh, yeah? Here’s Google’s first ten hits on a [ books doubt ] search:

  1. Merchants of Doubt, Erik M. Conway and Naomi Oreskes
  2. Doubt: A History, Jennifer Michael Hecht
  3. Without a Doubt, Marcia Clark
  4. River of Doubt, Theodore Roosevelt’s Darkest Journey, by Candice Millard
  5. Doubt: A Parable, John Patrick Shanley
  6. Doubt, C E Tobishman
  7. The Crucible of Doubt – Reflections on the Quest for Faith, Fiona Givens and Terryl Givens
  8. Faith and Doubt, John Ortberg
  9. Benefit of the Doubt, Greg Boyd
  10. In Praise of Doubt: How to Have Convictions Without Becoming a Fanatic, Anton C. Zijderveld and Peter L. Berger
  11. Reasonable Doubt, & Reasonable Doubt 2, Whitney Gracia Williams
  12. Darwin’s Doubt: The Explosive Origin of Animal Life and the Case for .Intelligent Design, Stephen C. Meyer
  13. Dealing With Doubt, Gary Habermas and Ronald T. Habermas
  14. The Doubt Factory, Paolo Bacigalupi
  15. Doubt, Vol 1, & Doubt Vol 2, Yoshiki Tonogai
  16. The Salmon of Doubt, Douglas Adams
  17. On Doubt, Lee Sales
  18. Cruel Doubt, Joe McGinniss
  19. In Doubt, Drusilla Campbell
  20. Shadow of Doubt, Bobbi-Jean MacKinnon

I doubt I’d ever read all of them, although some look intriguing: Millard’s River of Doubt, and Adams’ The Salmon of Doubt, and definitely McGinniss’s Cruel Doubt.

I doubt the local library has all of them, too, although the historical, the philosophical, and definitely Adams’s collection will be on its shelves.

I doubt I’d review any here, although… any crime title will definitely get a review!

Tell me about any one of the above you’ve read…or name another title ‘doubt’, as a comment.