Cover Reveal: Poisonous Whispers


Poisonous Whispers is a romance fantasy, and Jana Begovic’s debut novel.

Due for release December 5th,  the cover designer is Bill Oliver *.

This is more than a story…it is a saga of past lives, betrayal, destiny, and passion…

“Don’t you ever forget about me…,” echoes the karmic whisper from lives past, poisoning her peace. 

Like a curse, these simple words now haunt Leandra, a reputable psychiatrist, who finds herself in emotional chaos after the sudden breakup of her illicit affair.

Through past-life regression therapy she hopes this unorthodox and somewhat suspect technique will explain her profound connection to the lover who has abandoned her so abruptly. The sessions take Leandra through 17th and 19th century Ireland, Italy and England, where love, loss and betrayal are the leitmotifs in an ambiance of co-mingled fantasy and reality.

Ultimately, the shattering revelations from her past-life incarnations, along with the turmoil over her ruined marriage, become the stepping stones of her introspective path to healing, self-discovery and an appreciation of true love.

With its seamlessly interwoven sub-plots, Poisonous Whispers lures the reader from one continent to another, from past to present. The affair at the center of the story is an anatomy of the heart, in which the heroine’s sorrow-laced journey reflects the universal themes of love and loss.

About Jana Begovic

Jana Vasilj-Begovic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina where she lived until 1991. In 1991, she immigrated to Canada, and after graduating from the Faculty of Education, Queens’ University, Kingston, she began to work for the Government of Canada in the field of foreign language education and training. As a subject matter expert in language training and testing, she has participated in multiple international conferences and projects, and designed and delivered numerous specialized seminars and workshops.
As the result of a multinational research project she led, she co-authored an article that was published in 2015 by Cambridge Scholars as a chapter of the book, “Language in Uniform”.
In addition to a B.Ed. degree in English and Dramatic Arts, she holds an M.A. Degree in Philology, as well as B.A. degrees in English and German Languages and Literature.

Her debut novel, “Poisonous Whispers” is the reflection of her love for the written word and her lifelong fascination with storytelling. She is currently working on her second novel. She lives in Ottawa, Canada with her husband.

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Reviewing ‘How To Grow an Addict’ by J A WRIGHT

How to Grow an Addict

From the very first paragraph I found myself feeling an unease for the child, Randall, beginning the tale of her growth. Her casual chatter at the age of seven is real, and reveals how her choices are, for her, natural. Only we can see the causal link between her parents and her actions, her future. It is easy to feel disgust towards her parents and elder brother as they wear away her childhood.

Flashes of innocent and charming family life offer occasional lighter, more pleasant moments–but always there comes the whirl of fear, pain, loneliness and anger, all of which drive her further down her path to a life out of control.

It is an uncomfortable journey we travel with her as she grows older and more addicted. The beginnings of her reluctant recovery offer some hope for her future, yet we know it will be a long path. Only the naive could believe otherwise.

Not a scholarly treatise in drug addiction management, but the truth of where addiction begins, the damage it does, and the need to recognise when it is time to accept and action recovery. Ms Wright’s honesty and simplicity makes this a work of art. The book is one I would see in every secondary school’s library, as it could give some young teen the unease enough to get the strength to say no or to get help, as the ending is hopeful.

Ms Wright approached me directly to review this, and I want to say “Thank you for the chance to help get How To Grow an Addict into more hands.” Best start to the 2016 year of reviews Ever.

Note: How To Grow an Addict was a 2015 USA Best Book Awards Finalist for Literary Fiction

Publisher: SheWritesPress_Longof Berkeley, US; 2015

ISBN: 978-1-63152-991-7

Buy :   Amazon publishing_logog

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