My Name Is N. by Robert KARJEL

In this mystery cum crime novel, Karjel takes us back and forth between 2004 December in Thailand and 2008 in the US. Ernst Grip serves as security for the Swedish Security Police, but occasionally is called back to his former role as an agent. This time his boss sends him for the Swedish Foreign Ministry … Continue reading My Name Is N. by Robert KARJEL

The Girls, by Lisa JEWELL

A closed London suburban community, centred around a developed common garden is the least place to expect anything out of the ordinary. Some families are of three generations of residency around its border. Children use the garden and its planned areas for play and exploration. All seems peaceful. Until a disturbing incident reveals their dubious … Continue reading The Girls, by Lisa JEWELL

Day Four, by Sarah LOTZ

There’s a right mix of personalities among the crew and passenger list on a cruise ship such as the Beautiful Dreamer – along with the usual “beautiful people”, boozers and habitual cruisers are two women planning a double suicide, an addicted ship’s doctor, a couple in which the wife is a player, a murderer, a … Continue reading Day Four, by Sarah LOTZ