Mythos – Greek Myths Retold, by Stephen Fry

FRY S_Mythos CoverIn his retelling of the myths of the ancient Greeks, Fry offers his own interpretation, conveyed in his wonderfully cheeky way, while covering in depth and breadth all the myths we’ve heard of–and some I’d not known of.

Starting with the creation of the Gods’ world, our world, and mankind, he puts each stage of the build in its logical place in terms of time and location. All is told in Fry’s inimitable style, bringing the classics to new life:

“Everything around him glinted and glittered, gleamed and glimmered with a gorgeous gaudy golden glow but his heart was as grim and grey as granite.” No prizes for guessing about whom Fry is writing here.

Perhaps if I’d been able to read this a certain number of years ago I may have taken the challenge of university study of the classics. Certainly, anyone purchasing for a senior school or tertiary library should put this into their 2018 budget.

Family trees of the first Orders of the gods are included. Fry’s footnotes include the lexicography of our modern English language derived from the people and places of the gods and their creations.

The book also includes maps, and coloured plate illustrations.

Paperback published by Penguin – Random House, 2017

ISBN: 978-0-718-18874-0

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About the author:

Stephen Fry is an actor, a comedian, a writer, a presenter (quiz master for BBC’s QI) and an activist. His TV shows include QIJeeves and WoosterA Bit of Fry & LaurieMORE.

He can be found on Twitter and at his website