Show No Weakness: Exclusive

Taylor Sinclair, Joely's teenaged son, has mixed feelings about his mother's burgeoning relationship with Cole Dennison. In this exclusive, we "listen in" to Taylor's phone call to his friend after visiting his father. Note: this is Not in the novel Show No Weakness. Check the "Released: Show No Weakness" Page for details of the book, released … Continue reading Show No Weakness: Exclusive

Jan de Hartog’s "The Inspector"

Originally titled "Lisa" I read this (one of my mother's books) when in Fifth form (age 15), and have Never forgotten it. It is a lump-in-the-throat book, a weep-maker book, a drama - based on an Inspector in Europe, post-WW2, who is tasked with supervising the prevention of smuggling Jews wanting to get away from … Continue reading Jan de Hartog’s "The Inspector"

Romancing the Memory Collector, by Virginnia de Parté

Romancing the Memory Collector, Fifth in the series of g-altered characters’ romances by author Virginnia de Parté We who have read De Parté’s fourth book in the series, A Stella Affair, have already met and liked Thomas. He is a Customs Inspector who works with a partner “Buster”, a sniffing dog whose abilities are well … Continue reading Romancing the Memory Collector, by Virginnia de Parté

The 9th Girl – by Tami HOAG

The 9th Girl author Tami HOAGSam Kovik, investigating detective, has his New Year’s evening exploded from a routing duty to the beginning of a gruesome hunt through new and archived information to track the twisted maniac dubbed Doc Holiday, who celebrates every festive season by torturing and killing a female victim, and leaving the body where … Continue reading The 9th Girl – by Tami HOAG

Cross Fingers by Paddy RICHARDSON

Cross Fingersauthor Paddy RichardsonIf asked to produce a televisions documentary on the 1981 Springbok tour of New Zealand, how would you go about putting a new spin on it when it’s been hashed and rehashed in news media so many times? That’s a quandary faced by Rebecca Thorne, television journalist, in a gripping story of sleuthing, … Continue reading Cross Fingers by Paddy RICHARDSON