A Talent for Loving, by Virginnia De PARTÉ

Virginnia de PARTÉ’s A Talent for Loving  - the third in her futuristic romantic series about g-altered people, set in Australia, is a most loving tale. William and Belinda had reached the age of seven, managing to hide their talent from the Defence Department in order to ensure they would be released to an adopting … Continue reading A Talent for Loving, by Virginnia De PARTÉ

GUN MACHINE – author Warren Ellis

– a crime thriller cum mystery by action-comic writer Warren Ellis The best part of Ellis’s work here is the way the changing points of view, from the protagonist’s (1st Precinct detective John Tallow) to the antagonist’s (“the hunter”) – it brings closer the ability to see the hunter’s desparation in his crazed world. And … Continue reading GUN MACHINE – author Warren Ellis

LOVE’S RED HEART, by Virginnia de Parté

Love’s Red HeartNow six years on from where Love’s Bright Star left us, we are on a small holding in the Australian desert. Siobhan and James have raised Stella far from where snooping agents charged with locating all g-altered people are likely to easily discover Stella’s secret ability, nor her parents and family’s..James’ sister Jill … Continue reading LOVE’S RED HEART, by Virginnia de Parté

Jillianne HOFFMAN, "The Cutting Room"

 The Cutting Room, by Jilliane Hoffman THE CUTTING ROOM  by Jilliane HOFFMAN Published by Harper Collins Publishers ISBN: 978007 311675 The Cutting Room reminds us that prison incarceration is not necessarily able to end the machinations of sick-minded prisoners, who can reach beyond the walls and have others commit crimes for them. Carefully constructed in … Continue reading Jillianne HOFFMAN, "The Cutting Room"

Nikki FRENCH: Tuesday’s Gone

REVIEW: TUESDAY’S GONEPublisher: Penguin, Michael Joseph imprintISBN: 9780718156961I have one isssue with Nikki French[i]’s Tuesday’s Gone – it is the second of a planned FRIEDA KLEIN series, and I have not yet read the first! Of course I thoroughly enjoyed the complexity of this mystery ‘slash’ thriller. Every thriller needs a “good” villain – and … Continue reading Nikki FRENCH: Tuesday’s Gone

Love’s Bright Star – Virginnia de PARTÉ

LOVE’S BRIGHT STARCopyright © 2012 Virginnia de PartéAn erotic fantasy, under Secret Cravings PublishingE-book ISBN: 978-1-61885-365-3There’s an element of futuristic science fiction within the text, (set in 2079) which establishes  the drama and action – some characters are the offspring of trialled melding of human and animal genes, and have the animal characteristics to some … Continue reading Love’s Bright Star – Virginnia de PARTÉ