Puzzle—how can your mother walk off on an errand and never be seen or heard of again?  How can you, as a young teenager in your final secondary school year, focus on the expectations to get back into the usual cycle of school and friends? How do you cope with the turmoil in the neighbourhood, … Continue reading MISPLACED – by Lee MURRAY

DREAMTIME – pt 1 of Guardians of the Shimmer by Garth LAWLESS

From the moment I realized the fantasy is set in New Zealand, is well written, and its antagonists are a family of parents and teenagers, I knew the author is on a winner.His descriptive passages are vivid; we See the green bush, the space between the shimmer curtain, the safe haven, the dream worlds ... … Continue reading DREAMTIME – pt 1 of Guardians of the Shimmer by Garth LAWLESS


Book suitable for an older child. The Ultimate Sacrifice: Book one of the Gifted Teens series by Talia Jager, (c) 2011 (Kindle version, ISBM 978-09836164-3-6 e-Book)On first appearances it's aimed towards the 11 to 16 year old (teen) female market.Stats:  subject matter, language use, ...Subject matter: Fantasy fiction - Children of teen age are living in … Continue reading Talia JAGER: The ULTIMATE SACRIFICE