VIVIENNES BLOG, by NZ author Stephen LEATON (release mid-January ’15)

VIVIENNE’S  BLOG Author Stephen K. LEATON It was a lot easier to read and enjoy Vivienne’s Blog than it has been to write this review. Not wanting to sell it short, I actually spent time refining my understanding of the genres mentioned among the publisher’s material: thriller, chilling suspense, fantastical, psychological thriller, or mystery. The … Continue reading VIVIENNES BLOG, by NZ author Stephen LEATON (release mid-January ’15)

The Killing Season, by Mason CROSS

Carter Blake is a bit of a mystery  He specialises in locating people who don’t want to be found, and certainly has skills and thought processes to make him good at his job.    Hang on, it’s not a job – he’s not employed salary-wise – he accepts contracts, so he’s a free agent. We … Continue reading The Killing Season, by Mason CROSS

Pop Goes the Weasel, by M J ARLIDGE

Pop Goes the Weasel, (featuring D. I. Helen Grace) Like crime TV? Like Silent Witness? Arlidge wrote for that series, and you’ll love Arlidge’s Pop Goes the Weasel. ______________________________________ In this crime thriller, Arlidge has continued to focus the story around the character he first created in ‘Eeny Meeny’–Detective Inspector Helen Grace: "I wanted a … Continue reading Pop Goes the Weasel, by M J ARLIDGE

FACE OFF, edited by David BALDACCI

Pairs of favourite crime authors “face off” against each other to write their own favoured characters into a single short story. Each of the eleven stories – some written as separate sections, some via distance collaboration – allows the distinctive traits of the characters to remain true to their origins. This reader ripped through the … Continue reading FACE OFF, edited by David BALDACCI

Cross Fingers by Paddy RICHARDSON

Cross Fingersauthor Paddy RichardsonIf asked to produce a televisions documentary on the 1981 Springbok tour of New Zealand, how would you go about putting a new spin on it when it’s been hashed and rehashed in news media so many times? That’s a quandary faced by Rebecca Thorne, television journalist, in a gripping story of sleuthing, … Continue reading Cross Fingers by Paddy RICHARDSON

GUN MACHINE – author Warren Ellis

– a crime thriller cum mystery by action-comic writer Warren Ellis The best part of Ellis’s work here is the way the changing points of view, from the protagonist’s (1st Precinct detective John Tallow) to the antagonist’s (“the hunter”) – it brings closer the ability to see the hunter’s desparation in his crazed world. And … Continue reading GUN MACHINE – author Warren Ellis

Jillianne HOFFMAN, "The Cutting Room"

 The Cutting Room, by Jilliane Hoffman THE CUTTING ROOM  by Jilliane HOFFMAN Published by Harper Collins Publishers ISBN: 978007 311675 The Cutting Room reminds us that prison incarceration is not necessarily able to end the machinations of sick-minded prisoners, who can reach beyond the walls and have others commit crimes for them. Carefully constructed in … Continue reading Jillianne HOFFMAN, "The Cutting Room"