Cover Reveal: “Umbra’s Shadow”

umbras-shadow-coverGot a problem that needs a kick-ass mercenary to fix it? Merc’s your shapeshifter.
It’s been open season on changelings—human/faery hybrids—until word gets around: someone’s got their backs.
Merc relies on her unique shapeshifting talents to defend the poor and disenfranchised hybrids living on the fringes of a modern-day Hudson valley city. Perhaps her past spurs her to help—orphaned, unable to remember her parents or her original form, forced to survive alone until a kindly Changeling couple takes her in.
But Merc also dreams of escaping the poverty and rescuing her boyfriend from the environment that feeds his addictions.

Dúl, a mysterious and seductive full-blooded  fey, seems to offer Merc the way out. But the job he proposes will plunge her into the political wasp nest of the Dreaming World and its fey courts. Dúl hires her to rescue the female lieutenant of the Shadow Court’s king.
But Morgan isn’t the only full-blood that’s disappeared. Nothing is what it seems. A hidden player is capitalizing on the animosities within the four courts, and Merc must solve the puzzle before anyone else falls victim. Her investigation exposes the web of betrayals and lies ambushing the courts from without, or maybe from within.

No one could defeat this conspiracy alone. Merc must suppress her solitary nature and learn to work with a team, while Dúl enters into a bitter alliance with his most hated enemy. Amid this treachery, the magnetic attraction between Merc and Dúl deepens into a forbidden bond they are powerless to deny.

Even if she unravels the chaos plaguing the Dreaming, can she handle the truth about the full-blood she’s fallen for?

Umbra’s Shadow,
a Contemporary Fantasy by Andrea Stanet
Roane Black on White

Release Date: March 13, 2017

Keywords: Contemporary, Paranormal, Fantasy, Shapeshifter, Mercenary

Reviewing ‘Soul of Dust’ by Adam Millard

MILLARD_Soul of Dust
So Jack Bridge tells us, as he pauses a moment in a tearing race after a daemon in the opening chapters of this paranormal, magical, fantasy cum horror story; a great mash-up of genres–which, dammit, works.

Jack tells his story as if we are his companion, well used to his mannerisms and vocabulary (occasionally R13 rated). The conversational, sardonic at times tone makes this book pleasantly readable–even through scenes which are not, exactly, pleasant.

I loved it! Millard’s writing turns Jack into a real person – though he’s not,  with real purpose – as he has: to rid the world of daemons, spooks, sidhes, vamps, wolves… He works alone, from a shabby office, and carries only one ‘weapon’–and an effective one at that, and enjoys using it:

“At times … I really enjoy my job.”

This is an “eyes-wide” and at times a “laugh-out-loud” read…well suited to fans of Urban Fantasy, the Paranormal, Sleuthing, Investigators, Wizards, Demons, or Magic.

“…shooting me a smile that could melt hearts. Not mine, though. Mine was made of stone, my soul nothing more than dust. Maybe one day that would change, but not today.”

Reviewed for
Roane Black on White

ISBN:  1519691815
ISBN13: 9781519691811

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The Human Cure – Tracy Auerbach

If you’re a fan of vampire stories – from Bram Stoker to 9781937546069
Stephanie Myers and beyond– Tracy Auerbach’s take on the mythical horror characters will give you a different viewpoint from any you’ve held till now. Fictional (well, of course), for young adults as well as the more mature reader, the story places a real “twist” on the myths we have heard and read.

One immortal vampire creates a haven for his descendants–multiple generations with whom he has a mystical connection. In an underground village their “food” is provided–the villagers held as livestock. But one of his offspring is different.

Within each of the first few chapters, Ms Auerbach introduces us to one of the major characters, in which we learn their foibles and some of the connections between them. So far, so usual.

But then the author belts us with emotive scenes of fear, greed, power and powerlessness, and a gradually building romance, as she builds the tale to its climactic ending, via sacrifice and self-sacrifice.

She presents a whole new outlook on the vampire lifestyle, (dropping in the occasional reference to vampire life as seen on tv/vcr)). These vampires are distinctive – created not in the way of which we’re accustomed to reading. And then there’s one who likes to make sure he leaves his kill site neat and clean!

If Auerbach’s goal was to present a softer side of the vampire “life”, she has succeeded, in a delightfully entertaining way.

Published by 48fourteen as an eBook, and print.

ISBN-13: 9781937546069
USBN-10: 1-937546-06-3

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