“Crimson Curse”, released Feb 7

The Crimson Curse A Romance / Fantasy by Melissa J. Crispin   Cursed and disfigured, Calliope must find true love before the final leaf falls from the Enchanted Tree. Being bound to her mansion on the outskirts of town leaves her with little hope.   Abandoned by his wife for a wealthy man, Bastian only … Continue reading “Crimson Curse”, released Feb 7

Reviewing Love Under the Harvest Moon

This anthology of five stories has something for any romance reader. The six authors have each “met the brief”, so to speak, in their own unique way, and have brought to the collection tales reflecting the season and the age. As a former teacher (but not in the US) two stories felt nicely familiar: Claire Davon’s … Continue reading Reviewing Love Under the Harvest Moon

No wonder it’s a marked down price!

Spotted Led Zeppelin - You Shook Me at a knock-off price, and being a lover of Stairway To Heaven, grabbed it! When reading the book, I found my "editor-mind" taking over. There are So Many c**k-ups in the text it is a very poor production. * Then of course, I looked properly at the cover... … Continue reading No wonder it’s a marked down price!

Top Two Sources of “Hearts Of Valor” Authors’ Inspiration –

Hearts of Valor — Authors' Top Two Sources of Inspiration: Having had the pleasure of editing three of the stories included in this anthology. I asked every author “What are your top two sources of inspiration?” Here are their responses...  London SAINT JAMES: I did pull some of my hero’s stoic traits from a real … Continue reading Top Two Sources of “Hearts Of Valor” Authors’ Inspiration –

Athene’s Prophecy, by Ian J MILLER

The first section of Athene’s Prophecy will appeal greatly to those interested in the discussion of philosophies of the ancient Greeks, or in the military strategies of the ancient Roman armies. Athene’s Prophecy, delivered to young Gaius, sets the plot for all three books of the trilogy. Gaius is sent for training and education to … Continue reading Athene’s Prophecy, by Ian J MILLER

Peers Inc, author Robin CHASE

How people and platforms are inventing the collaborative economy and reinventing capitalism. {Expletive of admiration here!} I wish so much I'd got my hands on such a book as this while still studying then lecturing in IT–Information Systems, and Business Information Systems. If Peers Inc isn’t a practical text for devising a programme of study … Continue reading Peers Inc, author Robin CHASE

Honeyville by Daisy WAUGH

Publisher:Harper Collins UK, 2014 For Pete’s sake – all I have to do for a review is read the book. That’s what I do. But Daisy Waugh’s clever intertwining snippets of history among her fiction had me in a non-fiction fanaticism – reading parallel research of the actual events and characters and following the interplay … Continue reading Honeyville by Daisy WAUGH

VIVIENNES BLOG, by NZ author Stephen LEATON (release mid-January ’15)

VIVIENNE’S  BLOG Author Stephen K. LEATON It was a lot easier to read and enjoy Vivienne’s Blog than it has been to write this review. Not wanting to sell it short, I actually spent time refining my understanding of the genres mentioned among the publisher’s material: thriller, chilling suspense, fantastical, psychological thriller, or mystery. The … Continue reading VIVIENNES BLOG, by NZ author Stephen LEATON (release mid-January ’15)

Hate To Love You – Elise Alden

What can I say – followers will know how much I do enjoy reading and reviewing in the crime genres. Only recently have I entered the realm of romance. Wow, have I read me some great tales. Well, this isn't a great tale – it’s a flaming FAN-TASTIC tale! Alden’s characters are so real, one … Continue reading Hate To Love You – Elise Alden