“Crimson Curse”, released Feb 7

The Crimson Curse A Romance / Fantasy by Melissa J. Crispin   Cursed and disfigured, Calliope must find true love before the final leaf falls from the Enchanted Tree. Being bound to her mansion on the outskirts of town leaves her with little hope.   Abandoned by his wife for a wealthy man, Bastian only … Continue reading “Crimson Curse”, released Feb 7

Harvest Moon Authors Tell…

... About Their Enthusiasm for Writing, after contributing to Love Under the Harvest Moon. Tom Hodden: Defining enthusiasm is never easy. It is elusive and changes for each project. Sometimes it is as simple as not finding the book you want to read and realising you will have to create it yourself. Other times it is … Continue reading Harvest Moon Authors Tell…

Reviewing Love Under the Harvest Moon

This anthology of five stories has something for any romance reader. The six authors have each “met the brief”, so to speak, in their own unique way, and have brought to the collection tales reflecting the season and the age. As a former teacher (but not in the US) two stories felt nicely familiar: Claire Davon’s … Continue reading Reviewing Love Under the Harvest Moon

Second Chance – Released Today!

  Teige Adams fell for the dazzling Alexandra "Zani" Fairmichael 'way back in high school, but Zani was far too sophisticated to fall for a tall, geeky misfit like Teige. Twenty years later, he is a successful photographer with a string of glamorous ex-girlfriends behind him, and Zani has become plain Allie Brown, the mother … Continue reading Second Chance – Released Today!

Interview with Carla, of Caught Between Worlds

I wanted to know more about Carla, the mother of the child ghost, Steven. Between August 15th and 22nd, I was allowed to speak to her for a brief time. Carla, may I ask you...how important was young Steven in your life? What did having him around mean to you? Steven was my son, my … Continue reading Interview with Carla, of Caught Between Worlds