Red Penn Services Ltd.

red-penn-servicesx200Red can provide writers and/or publishers with the following services…

  • Reviewing – preferably a print copy, please, but an eBook is acceptable. Allow eight days for print, fourteen for e-copy. Free for authors/publishers for whom Red had edited/proofed. Free for NZ distributors.
  • Editing and or Proofing – using Track Changes, the author has to final word, although Red will suggest possible alterations or additions. Ask about costs, all payable in your countries currency, via PayPal.
  • Critiquing – a chapter at a time, or whole book. Ask for a time estimate, and cost.
  • Consulting on Publishing – which format/publisher;
  • Marketing – Consulting, setting up an Author Page (FaceBook) or Blog (WordPress)
  • Event Assistance – Book Releases, Book Signings … (NZ clients only, sorry)

For more detailed information,
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