Privacy Policy

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Red Penn Services Ltd – owner Lynne McAnulty-Street – promises
on pain of death by flailing
that NONE of the information you give Red (Lynne)
will be passed on to Any person, business, or organization.

Unfortunately, neither Red nor Lynne can control
what WordPress, bot-crawlers, hackers etc find out about you.
We wish we could.

However, as far as your email address or content,
your manuscripts or other documents
supplied for any services
will be used Only for the purpose you require.

If requested, on completion of the work
all working files (images or documents)
will be sent in a zipped file to you,
and then will be deleted from our system
after four months from the completion date.

(This allows you to replace any lost files during that period,
should some gremlin get into your computer files or folders.)

To email Red Penn Services Ltd
use this address:
RedPenn @ hotmail . com