The service I most enjoy providing is editing – for Publishers or Writers.
Please visit my FaceBook Page for general information (and fun – I love posting bloopers!) and you’ll find details of contracted services and fees here.
(I don’t review books I’ve edited, but host their release blog tours or news.)
{Listing updated 16th November, 2017}



For Inkitt Publishing

  •  Tough Girl, by Bonita van Gerve
  • Dysfunctional Origins, by Berti Redwood
  • Savage Kiss, by J Woods
  • Cat and Mouse, by Reginee Sephus
  • Savage Seduction, by J Woods
  • Heartless, by Elena Des
  • Brendan, by Gavin Lafayette and…
  • Andrew, by Gavin Lafayette, for The Doms and Dommes of New York
  • Succumb, by Ebony Olsen, for the Heirach series
  • The Enemy, by Jyotika Raman
  • Alpha Jasper, by Midika Crane

Roane Black on White

For Roane Publishing:

For Authors, directly:

  • PANADELO, PaoraCaught Up in Time
  • REEVES, Bianca, Dragonfly Heart
  • CARNIE, Dilys J,  Love Rekindled Beneath a Thousand Stars
  • SAINT JAMES, London
    Always – Part One of the Two Hearts One Soul duet
    Forever and Always – Part Two of the Two Hearts One Soul duet
  • BRITT, Rachel,  Burn Out
  • WILSON, Muffy
    Moonbeams of Unintended Consequences
    Para-Portage of Emily, (Shadow Seduction Series Bk 1)

Beta-reading for:

  • HUGHSON,  Sharon L,  Elephant in the Tearoom
  • DE PARTE, Virginnia
    The Future Movers: (Anthology including her novels Love’s Bright Star, Love’s Red Heart, and A Talent for Loving)
    S.I.N. – Safety In Numbers 
    A Stellar Affair
  • PITTAR, Deryn
    A Taste Of Gold 

For Secret Cravings Publishing (R.I.P):

Authors have now re-released these titles

  • WILSON, Muffy, Para-Portage of Emily
  • SORORES, B B, Big Cats ‘Thrillogy’:
    1 – Lion
    2 – Lynx
  • SIMPKINS, Jennifer, Moving On
  • KENYAN, M O, New Yorker series:
    1 – Betrayed
    2 – On Call
  • RIVERS, Rachel,  Embracing Betrayal, (Sleeper Trilogy 1)
  • EDWARDS, V L, To Live Again
  •  AMES, MeredithBlue Notch Legacy
  •  COX, Maria,  Jungle Fever
  •  JAMES, NatalieEternal Life-Meeting of Minds


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