The Human Cure – Tracy Auerbach

If you’re a fan of vampire stories – from Bram Stoker to 9781937546069
Stephanie Myers and beyond– Tracy Auerbach’s take on the mythical horror characters will give you a different viewpoint from any you’ve held till now. Fictional (well, of course), for young adults as well as the more mature reader, the story places a real “twist” on the myths we have heard and read.

One immortal vampire creates a haven for his descendants–multiple generations with whom he has a mystical connection. In an underground village their “food” is provided–the villagers held as livestock. But one of his offspring is different.

Within each of the first few chapters, Ms Auerbach introduces us to one of the major characters, in which we learn their foibles and some of the connections between them. So far, so usual.

But then the author belts us with emotive scenes of fear, greed, power and powerlessness, and a gradually building romance, as she builds the tale to its climactic ending, via sacrifice and self-sacrifice.

She presents a whole new outlook on the vampire lifestyle, (dropping in the occasional reference to vampire life as seen on tv/vcr)). These vampires are distinctive – created not in the way of which we’re accustomed to reading. And then there’s one who likes to make sure he leaves his kill site neat and clean!

If Auerbach’s goal was to present a softer side of the vampire “life”, she has succeeded, in a delightfully entertaining way.

Published by 48fourteen as an eBook, and print.

ISBN-13: 9781937546069
USBN-10: 1-937546-06-3

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