I Hate to Housekeep, author Peg BRACKEN (R.I.P.)

I Hate to Housekeep BookI Hate to Housekeep Book by Peg Bracken
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I used to own both Peg’s books – but over the years I’ve “lost” both. Like Peg, I hate the kitchen, so I found her quick n easy recipes handy.
I’ve just bought this title again – because worse than cooking I hate cleaning silverware, and Bracken’s book has a simple method of cleaning silverware by dipping it into a solution boiling on the stove for a few minutes then rinsing and drying. As I live in the sulphur city of Rotorua (NZ) where cleaned silver is tarnished again within a couple of weeks, I Have to have this book again.

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Both her books will make you laugh – “old-fashioned” though her content may be, some methods are almost modern and “green”, relying on household ingredients rather than chemicals to make cleaning products. Peg Bracken lived from February 25, 1918 – October 20, 2007, and her books have been reprinted. They are available at amazon.com, and as hard copy or kobi format.
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