Peers Inc, author Robin CHASE

How people and platforms are inventing the collaborative economy and reinventingCHASE-R_Peers Inc capitalism.

{Expletive of admiration here!}

I wish so much I’d got my hands on such a book as this while still studying then lecturing in IT–Information Systems, and Business Information Systems. If Peers Inc isn’t a practical text for devising a programme of study for tertiary IT students, then I’ll eat my hat.

Given the clear and fascinating details of Chase’s experiences, the technical background, and her theories for peer use of excess capacity linked with entrepreneurial platforms for data searching, and bringing it all together for a practical audience of users, I could create a three year study programme for entrepreneurial studies for application programmers.

Chase’s divulging of her Zipcar technology platform development lay a strong case for the model she proposes for information sharing across open source platforms, and fleshes out the theory with cases of other peers inc developments of similar applications in an easily readable and understandable text.

For any general reader of business personae experiences, this will be a great read. Those who have in the past enjoyed reading of the climb to success of Bill Gates (Microsoft), Steve Jobs (Apple), Buck Rodgers (IBM), Morita (Sony) et al… will find this equally fascinating. Maybe more so in this technological environment in which most of us are in one way or another entangled.

But Chase’s text is different–she tells us precisely what she developed, why it works, and how we can all do it: become an Internet-based entrepreneur. Her theories apply to corporations, government bodies (national and local level), hackers (sorry, coders), and users alike. It is a recipe for success.

Kudos to Ms Chase.

Publisher: Headline Publishing Group, UK, for

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-4722-2530-6

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