Romancing the Memory Collector, by Virginnia de Parté

Romancing the Memory Collector,
Fifth in the series of g-altered characters’ romances
by author Virginnia de Parté
We who have read De Parté’s fourth book in the series, A Stella Affair, have already met and liked Thomas. He is a Customs Inspector who works with a partner “Buster”, a sniffing dog whose abilities are well out-stripped by those of Thomas with his g-altered senses. This is his story, of how he hopes to develop a relationship with Kate after she literally falls at his feet in the airport, and he comes to her rescue.
Kate Bentley, myopic yet able to see the bubbles of people’s lost memories, tries to catch and return them to their owners. Working at a retirement village, she is sometimes overwhelmed by seeing so many lost memories drifting away, beyond her reach. Her absorption in looking after her father and a lifetime of difficulty socialising (due to her myopia) cause difficulties for Thomas.
Thomas  sends flowers, meets Kate’s father and begins an old-fashioned, tender courtship. But intervening events and misunderstandings cause glitches and hitches in communication and understanding.
Thomas, while watching the close and caring relationship between Kate and her father, Colin, in the early stages of Alzheimers, realises he has missed out on having a loving family life of his own. He consults Wills Corban (a character we met in A Talent For Loving) as to the wisdom and possibility of a single man adopting a child. He returns to The Nursery to find a boy to rescue from the mean (as in ‘bare essentials’) existence, to nurture as a son. He leaves with a daughter*.
Regrettably, Thomas forgets to let Kate know. When Kate finds out about his daughter, she becomes distrustful, and almost cuts off the relationship completely. However, when a resident wanders off from the retirement village, Thomas, and his daughter come to help—Thomas to track him, Suzie to sing for the residents—he is able to explain his situation fully.
When Kate’s own father goes missing, she calls Thomas, but they lose Colin’s trail at a bus stop. Wills calls on another g-altered person to help locate Colin. Once his location is known, he “jumps” Thomas and Kate to the city park where Colin has been seen. They hurry  to the nearby pier—on the edge of which Colin is standing, as if waiting for something. Kate discovers the thrilling “jump” has somehow changed her.
Between these and other events in the development of the romance, De Parté weaves in more touches of the background of the family, and other significant back-story elements of the characters. Finally, the way is obviously clear for the tender romance to continue, in Thomas’s old-fashioned courtesy’s way. Virginnia De Parté continues this fascinating futuristic world of the affairs of genetically altered people in her own unique and enjoyable style with this sweet romance.
*Only by reading the book will you learn the daughter’s g-altered talent—no spoilers here—move along. 

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A Stellar Affair – by Virginnia de Parté

A Stellar Affair

the fourth in the series of  futuristic romances
by Virginnia de Part

Stellar (Siobhan and James Corban’s daughter with the g-altered ability to ‘jump’ to other locations) comes across Matt Saunders in the desert – his truck stuck deeply in the sand alongside the road. The four Corban’s (Stellar, James and her two twin brothers) conspire to use their varying g-alter talents to get the vehicle back on the road, and away from the scene so Matt cannot review the place in which the truck was stuck and discover his rescue would normally have been impossible.
Stellar’s two younger brothers have suspicions about Matt, but somehow they can’t stop Stellar from feeling an attraction to him – especially as she senses he is equally attracted to her. Eventually Matt tracks Stellar down again and their first date leaves them both with stronger feelings than before, in spite of the Minister of Defence appearing as one with whom Matt often has to work. Knowing the danger to herself and the family, Stellar tries to distance herself from Matt.
Her grandfather, realizing she is torn between the need for the safety of all g-alters and her desire to see Matt again, drafts her into G.A.S.A.R (Genetically Altered Search And Rescue) as her talents will complement those of the rest of the team. Stellar assists in the rescue of a little girl lost in the bush, and feels akin with other team members.
After a formal function at which both sides of an environmental issue are presented, the Minister of Defence speaks of the government taking back land for Defence purposes. As Matt and Stella leave Matt is confronted by belligerent protestors, three of whom chase him with intention of beating him. Stella is so fearful for their safety she ‘jumps’ with Matt to her apartment. She realises she has risked her family’s safety.
Later, however, Matt brings good news to her – he has realised she is of g-altered descent, and from the Minister of Defence has learned the family’s next generation will not be monitored, providing they continue to not let their talents be discovered.
Stellar’s brothers are taken captive by people wanting their gems. Stellar has to leave Matt and jump home, and drive over the boys’ area using her senses to find the boys. Later when the boys manage to retrieve their gems, Matt is amazed to discover they have found diamonds in an area previously never known for them. Further still, one of the twins discovers an amazingly rare mineral deposit, making Matt’s prospecting area safe from Defence Department grasps.
Matt finally faces Stellar’s family, reassuring them he will keep their secret, and reunites with Stellar in the best possible way.
Another excellent read from this new and interesting romance author. 

EBook ISBN: 978-1-61885-842-9

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A Talent for Loving, by Virginnia De PARTÉ

Virginnia de PARTÉ’s

A Talent for Loving  –

the third in her futuristic romantic series about g-altered people, set in Australia, is a most loving tale.

William and Belinda had reached the age of seven, managing to hide their talent from the Defence Department in order to ensure they would be released to an adopting family. Years later as adults, William seeks Belinda out, with a proposal to use his I.T. skills and position to ensure she would drop from sight within the database of the “orphans” who were checked for signs of having changed and developed a g-altered trait.

Their talents are completely different, but complement each other’s, as we watch the events which embroil their involvement in one way or another. Belinda is unsure of William – he seems to her to be secretive; he has to be, as she comes to realise. William is watchful over Belinda, knowing how little she knows of her own talents, and realising she is not always comfortable sharing his talent for “jumping” from on location to another.

Throughout the story, the tone is warm and loving, the romance is gentle and tenderly described. When the loving results in the creation of their baby, they realise the baby is the result of their talent for loving.

A beautiful read of circa ninety pages, and a wonderful addition to the series.

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LOVE’S RED HEART, by Virginnia de Parté

Red Heart

Now six years on from where Love’s Bright Star left us, we are on a small holding in the Australian desert. Siobhan and James have raised Stella far from where snooping agents charged with locating all g-altered people are likely to easily discover Stella’s secret ability, nor her parents and family’s..

James’ sister Jill has joined Siobhan on the farm, enjoying a break from Melbourne’s bustle and the opportunity to be with her niece – exasperating as Stella’s talent can make things.

The author has a delightful ability to write of these g-altered people’s lives and domesticity in a way that makes them seem completely unsurprisingly ordinary. These characters’ Sci-Fi element never intrudes on the storyline of  a family with a secret which sometimes becomes a problem. It’s all perfectly naturallly handled, making for a comfortable read throughout.

Stella, born in Wellington New Zealand, has a visit routinely from her personal physician, Dr. Michael Scott, who is well aware of the particular factor in the family and Stella, and does what he can to ensure she develops well. He flies in for a customary visit, and also to travel parts of the desert, treating the aboriginal children – his offical excuse for the trip and its funding.

An almost-romance begins to develop between Michael and Jill – but something disrupts their relationship, neither fullyl understanding why, nor each other’s reasonings. Michael leaves the station abruptly, to travel to the far flung settlements of aboriginal peoples, to vaccinate and gather data on health and diet conditions. After too long a period of no one hearing from him, the family decide to track him and Charlie (his aboriginal tracker), rather than call the police. While considering their options, Stella forces their hand by announcing where she has seen Doctor Mike.

Stellla now becomes an integral part of the action, as her g-altered powers assist those who need to locate and rescue Doctor Mike and Charlie. The author’s ability to so delightfully and accurately convey the mannerisms of a talented but unprecocious six-year old girl allow Stella’s role to remain utterly believable, as James and Jill set off on their rescue mission.

The villains of the piece are unscrupulously callous of their mining workers’ conditions, and when James and Jill drive away with Doctor Mike and Charlie they follow in pursuit, hoping to protect their mine from being closed down. But our family gives them the slip, and Dr Mike wants to carry on serving the small communities, using Jill’s g-altered talent to help reach the peoples’ belief system, and undo the damage caused years ago by an anti-vaccination campaigner.

Jill’s talent, once revealed to the people in the settlements, causes them to believe something spiritual has come among them and they accept Mike’s vaccinations of their childen without further hesitation. Jill is determined to retain a friendly relationship with Mike – we learn better.

Nearly discovered by Defence Department agents, Mike and helper Willie clear out of the settlement, leaving Jill undiscovered and safe, under the care of the aboriginal people of the settlement. Mike has to continue his work, for appearance’s sake, but his moments of worry about Jill reveal more of his feelings than he has shared with other characters. Jill too worries about Mike and his safety, as she travels overland in Charlie’s truck back to the homestead. Stella is now being their courier, using her skill to bring messages and small items of news.

When finally reunited, Mike and Jill come to an inevitable understanding – the heart’s needs outweigh old promises, and the romance is free to progress at its own pace – complete with words of wisdom from a six-year old.

Within the final chapter, de Parté once again shows her skill in creating romance scenes of pleasure and delight, and will win fans eager for the third in the series. Be on the watch in April for the prequel of this series, A Talent for Loving

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Love’s Red Heart

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Love’s Bright Star – Virginnia de PARTÉ


Copyright © 2012 Virginnia de Parté

An erotic fantasy, under Secret Cravings Publishing

E-book ISBN: 978-1-61885-365-3

There’s an element of futuristic science fiction within the text, (set in 2079) which establishes  the drama and action – some characters are the offspring of trialled melding of human and animal genes, and have the animal characteristics to some degree or other, under some degree of control or other. They are referred to as “g-altered”. In this world, g-altered people are regarded as freaks, yet by some creeps as desirable as a sexual conquest. Defence Department authorities are interested of course in locating them all and “studying” them for possible military or espionage use.

The heroine (Siobhan) is a photographer by career, and of cat/human descent, complete with a cat’s natural defences – fangs and claws – and features like the third eyelid. As all g-alters must, she strives to keep control of her altered traits.
She is rescued from showing her cat defences by another g-alter person – James – a man whose genetic modification allows him to stop time for his own purposes. In his ordinary career he lectures in physics and fourth dimensional mathematics. Relax; as a reader you won’t be expected to attend a lecture – just to suspend disbelief.

As the novel passes beyond the point of their meeting, some of the Siobhan’s more amusing characteristics of a cat g-altered woman are revealed – delightfully freaky and you can read for yourself!

The author has a way of showing the increasing emotional arousal of Siobhan as she gets to know James more, without being too obvious – and nicely done too.  But Siobhan develops a yearning of her own – one which, she knows, would make James unhappy – angry even. She keeps the idea to itself, even after she has caused it to happen.

On realising what she has done, James departs in fury, leaving Siobhan and her friend Anna to create a cover story to keep Siobhan’s secret. She has tricked James into creating a next generation – and increased their danger from the Defence Department.

During what should have been a routine pregnancy scan, the foetus momentarily disappears. This event causes further complications for Siobhan with agents from the Defence Department.
James in the meantime makes plans for a safe future for Siobhan, Stella their daughter and himself .

Through frights, surprises, unpleasant encounters, the story closes in on a beautifully satisfying dénouement. Not usually a fan of the genre, I expect  Virginnia de Parté to produce more of this quality.

Footnote – Yes! A second novel by de Parté is due for publication.

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