The Wonderful Wizard of OZ by Lyman Frank BAUM

This Kindle collection of 15 of Lyman Franl’s OZ books comes with added content: essays on its Influence, Television Adaptations, Theatre adaptations, Literary Adaptations, Comics, Favourite BAUM quotations, free access to an Audiobook, and publisher’s notes.
To find this treasury – I’m rapt! It’s all here – except for mention of the many other books about the world of OZ written by other writers contracted by BAUM’s original publishers – one being Lyman Frank’s own son.
NZ’s English Curriculum included for students in Years 7 & 8 (Levels 3 & 4) to study literature compared to visual media. I had chanced across a book (non-fiction) describing how the series of books became so popular, at $1 each and bought six copies; I’d get NZ’s National Library service to send copies of books by L F BAUM; I had the Angela LANSBURY television documentary of the 50th anniversary, and bought a class set of The Wizard of Oz itself. When I left that school, I left behind all those resource. I promised my classes I’d have “Ding Dong the Witch is Dead” played at my funeral. (I’m still of that mind-set.)
For families, and educators, get this for your own delight and for the new generation of Oz fans which will always arise once introduced to the books.
Will post a pic of the cover soon.
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