Jillianne HOFFMAN, "The Cutting Room"

 The Cutting Room, by Jilliane Hoffman

 by Jilliane HOFFMAN
Published by Harper Collins Publishers
ISBN: 978007 311675

The Cutting Room reminds us that prison incarceration is not necessarily able to end the machinations of sick-minded prisoners, who can reach beyond the walls and have others commit crimes for them.

Carefully constructed in three parts, this 410 pager is a skin crawler in some chapters, and its story – beginning with a filmed snuff movie – concludes in a quiet and personal (but slightly disturbing) conquering of mental demons by the female Prosecuting Attorney, C-J.
Between those two points, we follow the progression of serial killings, mutilated victims, sick voyeurism, corrupt and perverted members of the criminal and justice systems and high society, and the personal turmoil of a surviving ex-victim. We see the strain on relationships of those working the case at its early and final stages. We lose one character who we expect to be the surviving puzzle solver.
This is a “re-reader” – I’m into my third round, revisiting scenes for the quality of the writing, the characterisation, the dialogue. And picking up on nuances I’d missed in earlier readings, so cleverly has the author drawn me into the world of sick crime and determined investigation.

Ms Hoffman’s style is a pleasure to read, the plot structure intertwines events past and current, from New York to Miami, to California, Orlando, the Santa Ynez Mountains, back to Miami and hints of the future. Rivetting stuff!

I love criminal justice and forensic drama – CSII, Law & Order, NCIS., Bones, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, et al – so The Cutting Room  couldn’t have been sent to a more biased reviewer. I found myself wanting a whiteboard to chart all the victims and perpetrators and their links, but chose to re-read instead.

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