Brian JOHNSON – Rockers and Rollers – an automotive autobiography

Book Review
Rockers and RollersAn Automotive Autobiography by Brian Johnson
Publisher: Penguin Books
ISBN: 978-0-141-04651-7
Genre: autobiography
Hubby and I aren’t enrapt completely in each other’s interests. He’s an ex motorcycle road racer, and loves watching Formula One. I like blogging, reading and rocking to the greats. So, in the local Library: husband’s looking for racing car drivers’ stories, I’m looking for .. never mind , I didn’t find anything. At home later I spotted what he’d borrowed – a Formula One driver’s biography, and this book.
This book! By lead singer of AC/DC!!!
So husband and I are having a cuppa, and I’m glancing through the pages, my eye caught by (no not the car photographs) the humour and dialogue. I’m roaring aloud with laughter. I’m reading extracts – between chuckles and laughter – aloud to hubby. I’m distracting him from his book, so he moves to read in the lounge. I don’t mind – now I can really laugh with myself.  I go to the beginning, and start really reading the book, fully – front to back, end to end, cover to cover.
Brian takes us through his life with cars – so many cars, of such a quality range! Humour, nostalgia, wit, and a few choice phrases, as he tells about his cars from early Tyneside (born Gateshead, 1947) days to being on the road with other rock bands, to him being asked to join AC/DC (post Bon Scott’s death) in 1980.
The cars mean little to me, but the anecdotes (not in order of time) are almost too familiar, or I wish they were. Enjoy ‘The Hummer’,  ‘From Bedfords to Bedknobs’ and ‘The Wolsley’. Or ‘Airbus 320’, ‘Jimmy Nail’, ‘Angus Young’ and ‘The Not-So-Greats’. Oh to heck with it – enjoy every chapter!
(Caveat: although your teen rocker may want to read it, the language can occasionally be a bit R13 if you know what I mean, and it’s not an AC/DC memoir – it’a an “auto”biography, if you get it.)
Brian Johnson has also written Rockers & Rollers – A Full-Throttle Memoir published 2012
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