My Name Is N. by Robert KARJEL

KARJEL-My Name Is NIn this mystery cum crime novel, Karjel takes us back and forth between 2004 December in Thailand and 2008 in the US. Ernst Grip serves as security for the Swedish Security Police, but occasionally is called back to his former role as an agent. This time his boss sends him for the Swedish Foreign Ministry to work with the Justice Department of the US about a crime committed in Topeka .

Before the latest assignment, he worked with five people who met after the Tsunami of 2004 in Thailand. This group carries a grudge against the loud-speaking leader of a conservative church, and Grip assists them in taking revenge for his outrageous public derogatory spume against the tsunami victims.

His current assignment takes him to the US, then to a remote secure island in the Indian Ocean, under the “management” of an FBI agent. His task is to try and confirm whether a captive of the US security is a fellow Swede. The captive will not speak, but Grip manages to break through and learns enough of his background and suffering to put together the full picture.

Grip’s own risky position is resolved, but only in the final chapter do we realise the disturbing link between them all.

Karjel uses time swapping to good effect. We gather the bits and pieces of the mystery as each part of the twisted plot is revealed. His dialogue reflects the thought processes of the characters, conveying their urgency, their doubts, their dreams. And we, the reader, become intent on sorting out the tangled threads that form a tight knot. And when the final end of the last thread is pulled out–what is on the end we probably will not have seen coming.

Karjel original published this as De Redan Döda in 2010. This translation (by Nancy Pick) has been released in June 2015.


ISBN: 9780007586028
ISBN 10: 0007586027

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