Extraordinary Journey of Vivienne Marshall

cover_journey-vivienne-marshallThis is a moving story of journeys into the afterlife – to which most of us will have at some time given thought. Shannon writes in several genres: literary fiction, suspense/thriller, and young adult. Shannon is a member of International Thriller Writers and Mystery Writers of America. Vivienne’s Journey is a departure from Shannon Kirk’s (The Method, reviewed here) crime genre, proving diversity as author.

Vivienne, after a strolling out into traffic while checking her FaceBook updates, ‘awakes’ near a bridge; at the other end is her long-deceased childhood sweetheart, Noah. He offers to show her the many opportunities she has. She awakens in the hospital, after hours of surgery. Her nurse is Marty, who in her lucid moments entertains her, calms her, and reassures her. She continues to pass between the hospital room and other heavens Noah chooses to show her, or she asks to see: old Lachlan (a child grown to a priest), Armadillo (archer turned artist), her father, Ivan’s (her eight-year old son) future heaven, and more. Her story includes her life, her memories, and her relationships, all bringing us closer to Vivienne.

The author’s concept of heaven being a personal choice is not a match for the Biblical concept of after the final victory over evil, Christians or believers in God Almighty will rise and live on earth, with God among their midst, and no non-believers left. It’s an imagined concept –quite believable, and even comforting. Within Vivienne’s journey, the author does nothing to challenge the Biblical concept of life ever after. It is a simple fiction; glimpses into future lives of people still living, coincidences, and hints of future events, intertwine with Vivienne’s memories.

All in all, a sweet story of love, and loss. If it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you have a cold soul.

First edition published September 2016 by Reputation Books

Paperback 978-1-944387-08-2;    eBook 978-944387-09-9

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