Swimming in the Dark, by Paddy RICHARDSON

This merging of the stories of two distinct families from different locations and times into one interacting tale of misery, fear, hate and hurt, resolves the unfolding drama in a most satisfactory way. Between their two stories are common themes - fear of imposed authority and abuse of power. These themes drive characters and events … Continue reading Swimming in the Dark, by Paddy RICHARDSON

Cross Fingers by Paddy RICHARDSON

Cross Fingersauthor Paddy RichardsonIf asked to produce a televisions documentary on the 1981 Springbok tour of New Zealand, how would you go about putting a new spin on it when it’s been hashed and rehashed in news media so many times? That’s a quandary faced by Rebecca Thorne, television journalist, in a gripping story of sleuthing, … Continue reading Cross Fingers by Paddy RICHARDSON