Close Your Eyes, by Michael ROBOTHAM


Close Your Eyes NZ cover“My father said nothing, not that first day or the next day or any of the subsequent ones. Instead he sat in his armchair, mouthing words as though conducting some unfinished argument. One day I asked him if Mum was in Heaven.


‘Where is she?’

‘Rotting in Hell.’

‘But Hell is for bad people.’

‘It’s what she deserves.’

Joe O’Loughlin from Watching You ( Australia’s No. 1 crime & thriller book of 2013) features again in this worrying tale of multiple murders, multiple suspects, and families in anguish.

Clinical psychologist Professor Joseph O’Loughlan tells the story, starting in the grounds of Oxford, as his daughter is checking out the colleges. Just as his wife invites him to move back home, their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Chief Superintendent Veronica Cray.

And thus he returns to the force as a consultant, arriving at the scene of the crime–the first crime in the tale, with  two victims: a mother and her daughter. The bodies show differences in the killer’s intent: the mother has been butchered, the daughter suffocated. The mother’s body is centred in a display of occult symbolism and her own blood spatter, the daughter has been neatly laid out in a peaceful pose.

The struggle to draw together a picture of the perpetrator’s profile and motive begins.  Further murders arise, and old cases become linked to the current investigation. Joe’s daughters are innocently drawn into the picture. As the investigations continue, Joe is torn between withdrawing from it and staying in the world of his family, and yet also feeling driven to resolve the questions which come to light as each piece of action and evidence enters the pursuit of the killer.

It is a jig-saw puzzle of hints, suggestions, reader’s “Aha!” moments–which may (only may) cause the reader to see ahead. This reviewer enjoyed the puzzle immensely.

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Date: August 2015
ISBN: Hardback: 978-0-7515-5287-4 Paperback: 978-0-7515-5288-1

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