Nury VITTACHI’s "The Feng Shui Detctive"

Feng Shui Master C F Wong, in between keeping a journal (Some Gleanings of Oriental Wisdom) and applying the principles of Feng Shui to solve his clients’ living problems, somehow “agrees”, as a favour for his boss, to become teacher to a young Australian woman who comes to learn Feng Shui as a “work experience”.

He is as bewildered by her as she is by him, but together they travel to clients whose problems need more than a Feng Shui arrangement of home elements. Their team-work is erratic, their mutual confusion is amusing, their resolutions to the crimes upon which they land are as much by luck, coincidence and two different viewpoints as they are by forensics or legal methods.

The book is an amusing read; the author’s attempt to portray the Australian patois is a little artificial in places, but that adds to the humour. This was definitely a good bargain book, one I mentioned in an earlier post. I’ll be looking for mote on the library shelves.

Copyright:Nury Vittachi 2000
Publishing: Australian edition, 2008, Allen & Unwin, Crows Nest NSW Australia.ISBN: (pbk) 978 1 74175 537 4

This is the first of the series “ Feng Shui Detective Novels”:

·          The Feng Shui Detective (2000)
·          The Feng Shui Detective Goes South (2002)
·          The Feng Shui Detective’s Casebook (2003)
·          The Shanghai Union of Industrial Mystics (2006)
·          Mr. Wong Goes West (2008)

You’ll find a complete list of Vittachi’s work here at Wikipedia
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